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Internal Suffering – Chaotic Matrix

internal suffering – chaotic matrix

Their full length debut “Supreme knowledge domain” is one of those albums that can still find it’s way to my CD player regularly. I was and still am very impressed by the material on that album. The only problem was the production, which contained a huge amount of low frequencies. I must say that there definitely are not too much low frequencies on this album. Unfortunately the production still isn’t of the quality this music needs. The quitars are very dominant in the mix, with a strange, crusty distortion. This results in the fact that both the drums and the vocals are pushed towards the background. This causes the aggression and brutality to be not as extreme as it could be. Especially the vocals are an extremely cool element in this band.

Musically speaking I must say there is very little wrong with Internal Suffering. The extreme full speed death metal has become a little more technical. This results in some unusual breaks, sometimes hard to follow but it always seems to make sense. The in the biography mentioned influences are Devourment, Disgorge (US) and Cryptopsy. That certainly does make sense, but I’d also like to add a name like Dying Fetus. Internal Suffering hasn’t reached the quality of these last two mentioned bands. But I must say that they provide us with a solid brutal album of death metal the way it was meant to be. (Stijn)