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Infernäl Mäjesty – Demon God [EP / Re-Release]

infernäl mäjesty – demon god [ep / re-release]

Already 4 full-lengths in their history, but now I’ll review the EP titled Demon God originally released in 2007 (independent), but now remastered with two bonus tracks taken from the ‘March 1997 demo’. FYI: the song “Is There a God?” was later renamed to “Where is Your God?”.

After listening to this EP I must admit that this is an excellent release. The vocals sound devilish, especially the screams that uplift this blackened Thrash metal with some melody added. And if you add  grunts to the sound, you get an explosive cocktail! This EP sounds unholy and would be the perfect sound for the nasty party’s in the darkrooms of the Vatican. Nope, these eight tracks won’t bring sunshine into your hearts, but brings you evil and the majority of the deadly sins. Listen to track “Crusade” where they take you on an amazing journey, “Systematic Extermination” with the magnificent riff that ends this track, and opener “Burnt Beyond Recognition” where the different vocals styles are blended together as art. Also some guest appearances are featured here, with Corpsegrinder and Rob Barrett on track “S.O.S.” and ‘Chris Valagao from Strapping Young Lad live in “Skeletons in the Closet” that in the original version closes this EP. But as stated above, this version has 2 extra songs added, where obviously the production is less, but again both tracks that sound filthy. Both songs don’t sound that pure, but it’s clear that they raged back in the days.

Excellent EP, so check it out or get punished by the Demon God! (Fredde)