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Inert – Obliteration of the Self [EP]

inert – obliteration of the self [ep]

This band is being run by two guys, the one does his things in Sweden – Stockholm, the other partner enjoys the sunny breaks in Spain – Barcelona. But it’s the man in Sweden that has triumphed, cause the sound they produce is true Swedish Death metal. Take a bit of Bloodbath and Entrails, a big cut of Entombed and Grave, to end off with a good chunk of The Haunted and you’ll have a new recipe titled Inert. Indeed, a new recipe, but with old ingredients, so don’t expect a Michelin-star for a new dish. I’ve heard this all before, but it sounds so damn good. No better way to promote yourself than with such start in the form of “Obliteration of the Self”. Fans of above mentioned bands…knock yourselves out. (Fredde)