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Incinerate – Back to Reality

incinerate – back to reality

Antwerp’s power trio Incinerate released their debut “Amazon Violence” back in 2016 which results in a call from Dead by Dawn Records to have a small conversation about new material and that they will find their beloved ones hang, drawn and quartered if they wouldn’t agree to release it under their banner. An offer they couldn’t refuse…

The Death/Thrash presented by these fine gents are rooted in the 90s with a nowadays full sound which fits well I may add. With hints of Demolition Hammer, Malevolent Creation, Solstice combining the Death and Thrash combination concerning riffs, drums and vocals, as well as old Necrodeath during the slower parts, the variation of pace and song writing is well executed.

“Back to Reality” sounds  organic, genuine as well as something of this day and age without following any trends; a 90s Death/Thrash album to be proud of. (Ricardo)