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Incardine – Seeds of Doom

incardine – seeds of doom

Before Fredrik Folkare offered his guitar services to Unleashed, he had his own band called Incardine, which he had formed in 1991. After recording 2 demos in 1992, the band entered the studio and Peter Tägtgren mixed their full-length debut. All this actually happened but the album never saw the day of light because after sending the master-tape, the label Euro Records never responded (even went bankrupt) and it just “died” there.

The motivation of the band members struck rock bottom, vocalist David Ahlberg moved away, and they all decided to call it a day. Recently the master tapes were found and the idea to release it almost 20 years after its making, became reality.

Don’t expect any of the HM-2 sound on ‘Seeds of Doom’ as Incardine is far more influenced by the American scene, the Floridian in particular, and combines it with Thrash. At some points you get a Deicide or Sinister vibe and on other moments you will hear a Death-influenced lead along with Kreator like galloping riffs.

I can’t say ‘Seeds of Doom’ can be considered as an  undiscovered gem or that the world was withhold a pure classic debut back in the day, but it is a nice listen but that’s it. (Ricardo)