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In Obscurity Revealed – Spell of the Seeker [Demo]

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When it comes to Mexican death metal, probably most of us are immediately thinking in classics such as Cenotaph, The Chasm, Tenebrarum, Foeticide and even the mighty Anarchus…all of them with this dirty unpolished sound that seems to be part of their trademark. With this introduction, now it’s time to talk about In Obscurity Revealed and their debut release, “Spell of the Seeker” demo released last year. First off…I’m fine with the sound…I mean, it’s just their debut demo, so it’s perfectly fine to hear this crude texture, especially on the guitars department, if you ask me, these guitars sound very close to the mighty Horror of Horrors, you know, completely analog and directly from the amp. Musically wise, we can find these guys into a very simple and evil death metal. The vocals, delivering spells with some delay effect help to giving more malignancy to the end product which in one word can easily be described RAWNESS. Being a demo, it features 4 songs three of them below 3 mins long…too short at least in my opinion, but at the end, the four tunes are pretty good, nothing remarkable but enough to grant you the daily death metal dose we need, especially if you like the classic Mexican approach I’ve mentioned before, by the way, the third track “Law of Thelema” is by far my favorite. The only thing I don’t like could be the band name…sounds to me like one of those, Metal Core Melodic death metal bands it is not connected at all, with the concept these folks are dealing with…besides of that, the work is pretty good so I’d perfectly recommend to give it a listen because is worth of your time. (Master Butcher)