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In Battle – In Battle [Re-Release]

in battle – in battle [re-release]

This is actually a nice surprise as I didn’t really had In Battle’s debut in rotation for a long time. Originally released by Napalm Records back in 1997 and now re-released by Nomad Snakepit Productions with two live bonus tracks, In Battle was quite pushed by the label thanks to the page adverts in magazines, therefore the artwork with the skull was recognizable in the stores. While typing this, it feels so long ago that this was a way a release got your attention.

The fast 90s Scandinavian Black Metal still holds its power and ferociousness and the fact two Setherial members were in the ranks, definitely has its effect on the sound and song writing within In Battle. A mix of Setherial’s “Lord of the Nightrealm” and Dark Funeral’s “The Secrets of the Black Arts” and a damn fine one. (Ricardo)