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Impaled Nazarene – Eight Headed Serpent

impaled nazarene – eight headed serpent

Ah! The septic horde from Suomi Finland Perkele are back with their 13th album and the statement is already one to embrace if you’re an devoted IN-pu(n)ky blasphemer since the early 90s; “unleashed upon this pathetic world full of wimps, posers, turn-the-other-cheekers, and generally ignorant glue-sniffers with their cancel culture and virtue-signalling.” Slutti666 running for campaign as “Minister of good taste” would be an interesting one.

“Eight Headed Serpent” is once again a collection of up-tempo crusty punkish Sado Black Metal, fast drums, Arc v 666’s roaring bass and the iconic vokills of Mika Luttinen. As always, they take some other trips as well, on “All that you Fear” there was a wink towards Helloween during “Tribulation Hell”, on “Shock and Awe” is it “hellllooooo Celtic Frost”. And closer “Foucalt Pendulum” can be considered as a Doom Metal track even. But at the end it is Impaled Nazarene being Impaled Nazarene, both in attitude as in music…always an example of good taste. Simple as that.

Raise your glass…Cheers! That they may offend a lot of people for many years to come. (Ricardo)