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Illness – Schizophrenic Kingdoms [EP]

illness – schizophrenic kingdoms [ep]

Schizophrenic Black Metal. Or Black art regarding mental illness if you will. Not the first time this has been used as a subject to create some disturbed Black Metal, but mostly it is done in the DSBM scene, and Illness can’t be categorized as that.

Disturbed it is, especially as the band claimed to have used samples from real mentally ill patients taken at the Mental Hospital, Illness has more industrialized parts and musical distortions as well as the vocals are far less “tortured” than the ones in the DSBM scene. The link with Mysticum, Mayhem, Dark Space as mentioned influences as well as the cover “Ærie Descent” of Thorns will give you an indication what to expect.

So listen before buying as the Schizophrenic Black Metal of Illness is definitely not everybody’s pint of Guinness. (Ricardo)