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Idolatria – Tetrabestiarchy

idolatria – tetrabestiarchy

Formed in 2013, the Italian quartet edits their second album in 2020, and this time by the Portuguese Signal Rex.

5 years are between this and its predecessor, “Breviarium Daemonicus Idolatrorum”. It is easy, I venture to say, to realize that the theme of the work focuses on an attack on Christianity, something that already comes from the previous one and that here takes on much more direct contours. The 4 beasts – Serpent, Noctule, Bode and the Vulture – personified in 4 themes, long and dense.

Owners of a Nordic-sounding Black Metal sound – essentially Swedish, perhaps – these Italians parade technical skills that would needed exposure in this “clean” and perceptible way. Immense melody, vocalizations close to Death Metal and the aforementioned technical capacity of the musicians, and the result is one that will please fans of the most… “Immaculate” fringe of the genre. Here there is no Lo-fi production, there is a full sound and in which each detail, each of the small solos, is very clear to the listener. Dense themes where weight has not been ignored.

Close to a Funeral Mist, for example, they are a band that will please all those who like Black Metal and a clean and immediate production, with a full and strong sound! (DanielP)