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Horrific Demise – Excruciating Extermination

horrific demise – excruciating extermination

On Midwest metal mongrels Horrific Demise’s debut album “Excruciating Extermination,” the band encapsulate that classic old school Death Metal flavor of bands such as Incantation, Immolation and Suffocation with a bit of modernity — yet offering something a little more than your standard, brutal Death <etal fare.

Its nine pummeling tracks are a strenuous workout in extreme brutality while possessing a great production and a solid bass player in Phil Good (Necrotic Disgorgement, Created To Kill), which is so rewarding in a genre where this instrument is sometimes unfortunately inaudible in the mix. The lead guitar work of Matt Bishop (Ex-Lividity/Ex Human Artifacts/Ex Face Of Ruin) is also top notch, while the drumming of Kyle Christman (Ex-Gorgasm/Sarcophagy) nails it every time.

A melodic Western-style Flamenco acoustic guitar melody opens “Born from Brutality,” until all hell breaks loose at the 34 second mark with an insane battering of blastbeats, crunchy riffs and steady rhythm with nice lead guitar work. The vicious roar from Anthony Voight (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy) is icing on the cake.

From the barrage of blastbeats of “Suicidal Frenzy” to the most catchiest and memorable chorus that I can ever remember in a brutal death metal song of “Maggot Ridden Human Feast” to the Deicide/Morbid Angel type bludgeoning of “Cleansing the Putrescense,” there’s no denying that you’re listening to one quality gore-infested Death Metal album. Plus, what a fun way to spend 32 minutes of your time. (KaosSimms)