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Hordak – Padre

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Within the Pagan Metal scene, Hordak from Spain is contributing their share for the 4th time with their latest album called “Padre”. And the mighty Kris Verwimp is responsible for the artwork once again while the lyrical content is all about Celtic and Iberian history and stories. Their own Spanish version of Viking Metal, or “Celtiberian Pagan Metal” if you will. While mentioning the “Viking” thing, you can certainly hear some of their Nordic comrades in their music. Bands like Mithotyn and Twin Obscenity as well as an act like Forefather (guestvocals of Wulfstan are present), left their mark. On their 4th album, Hordak keep on playing their melodic and epic Pagan Metal and although there is always a folky twist now and then in this kind of hymns, Hordak manage to keep it under the surface most of the time to avoid getting the “folk” label attached. (Ricardo)