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Holycide – Toxic Mutation [EP]

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One of the benefits to have your own label, you are able to release all your musical activities yourself. This time you will hear Dave Rotten like you never heard before. His admiration for Thrash Metal made him choose to launch a band in that style as well, besides all the brutal violence he released with Avulsed, Christ Denied and Putrevore among others. Although he started the band in 2004, the first demo was made in 2013 (but still only 5 copies). All his other bands have his trademark low growl. This time he sounds a lot like the Spanish lost brother of Hardcore icon Roger Miret of Agnostic Front on their “Warriors” and “Another Voice” albums, only a bit more raw. Indeed, like you never heard before…Inspired by the likes of Dark Angel, Slayer, Sacrifice, Infernal Majesty and Sepultura, Holycide created 5 tracks of their own as well as a cover track of the mighty “Merciless Death” by Dark Angel. As you can see, Dark Angel is a major influence for Dave Rotten and the essence of Holycide is aggressive Old School Thrash as well. I’m not 100% convinced yet as I miss that final punch in the face (like the chorus during “Apocalypse Riders”), but I will certainly keep an eye on them. Also released on tape! (Ricardo)