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Hexekration Rites – Desekration Manifesto [EP]

hexekration rites – desekration manifesto [ep]

New rites from the deepest of France have been written down in the “Desekration Manifesto”, the new EP by Hexekration Rites, Black/Death Metal duo infernal. The almost 25 minutes long EP is the 2nd release after the first demo from 2018 (the year of inception).

An overture, almost trance like ritual black metallic track, starts the impending doom and works quite effective and shows the band to be more than just blast beats, something that will be shown even more further on. “The Altars of Madness” is exactly such a song that transits from fast eruptions to slow doomy, crawling black metal with that, still entrancing aura that this EP has been encanpsuled with (Inquisition, Altars of Perversion got similar vibes too).

Besides the more ritualistic and crushing parts the rock or groove factor from bands like Archgoat are present as well and is well incorporated into the overall sound. Lead guitars, cool breaks are embedded as well and show good songwriting skills on every aspect.

Open strings, crust parts, almost Slayer like melodies, there is a lot to be found If you listen carefully. All bows down to the essence and total sake of dark atmosphere and they did well to go for that direction, just listen to the killer track “Blazing Purification”.

The manifest concludes with “Ascension”, a track that starts with a huge space taking riff before fury takes over. Talking about Ascension, some traces of the German band can be found here and there If you ask me. The track alternates mostly between skank/blast beats and slower/mid tempo passages, again affiliated to some Archgoatian grooves without necessary copy the band. Afterwards a more Death Metal styled riffing kicks in with blast beats, double bass carpet underneath and the variation to a midtempo section while the riff remains the same, great move here.

So yeah, really enjoyable EP and force to be reckon with, well done. (DPF)