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Hermóðr – Rovdjur & Northern Might

hermóðr – rovdjur & northern might

Rafn of Hermóðr is quite a productive individual. Besides releasing many full-lengths and EPs under the Atmospheric Black Banner with Hermóðr, he is also known for his musical activities within Gast, Mist, Vargheim and Gravsatt to name a few.

This release by Wolfspell Records combines the, and you will have never guessed it, the “Rovdjur” and “Northern Might” releases which Rafn digitally released by himself. Both tracks are approx.. 17 minutes and have an icy atmospheric approach which resembles like mid-tempo Burzum only with more use of melodies in song structures and less darkness concerning production. Certainly worth a listen if you’re into the more melodic part of Atmospheric Black Metal. (Ricardo)