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Heresiarch – Incursions

heresiarch – incursions

If the profound flagship of New Zealand Bestial Metal going to continue the bloodline, then Heresiarch is the younger breed among others worth mentioning from there. Apart from Australia being the champion of blackened Bestial Metal around this region for decades, New Zealand had fast catching up with the epidemic terror in recent years spawning hellish acts like Diocletian, Witchchrist or Vassafor among others.

This release is a compilation of their EPs & demo. Since my introduction to Heresiarch was through the aural crushing Hammer of Intransigence EP (included herein), I am more than happy that they include the “Waelwulf” EP together with the “Obsecrating the Global Holocaust” demo as well. A complete collection of their mini armory in one package. Although this is a collection of older releases (which is rewarding enough for any fans seeking their out of print materials), all the tracks here underwent a fresh mastering process, giving this release another rewarding point. Listening to all the tracks in one go would make you think of it as a studio album, rather than a collection of different recordings. Value added bargain indeed.

As for how the musical direction or composition would differs from album materials, these recordings have the same momentum as how they perform on the full length. So it shouldn’t hinders you into getting this collection if hesitation does ever come across your mind. Wild & raw bestial metal served at its best! (JvH)