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Hellmoon – Undying Blackened Glory

hellmoon – undying blackened glory

Canada and Black Metal do go hand in hand, am I right? I does make total sense, let’s see: snow, cold, solitude… all the good components for Black Metal. Plääg, a man of many talents, and a hardworking one, I may add. 2020 has seen the release of 3 Hellmoon albums: 2 Splits and 1 Full-length. Besides that, Nocturnal Departure is another of his vehicles of musical expression. Remember last year’s “Cathartic Black Rituals”? I surely do. But it is Hellmoon we must be focusing on.

” Undying Blackened Glory” is, as you might have read, the project’s first Full-length album, and what an album it is. Canada has given us various “incarnations” of Black Metal: Blasphemy or Sorcier Des Glaces. Two very different visions of the same reality: Black Metal. Hellmoon stands in a different musical reality. It does not hold the almost war-like approach of Blasphemy, nor the dark and suffering melody of Sorcier Des Glaces. It stands closer to the rawer methodology, the harsher musicality, music full of melody and a sense of despair. It is not a blizzard, it is similar to a snowy day, in which the weather is peaceful and still, but your heart freezes at every step you take. A slow Death, one might dare say. It is an amazing album, let it be known, and let there be no doubt about it. The end production fits the final product, perfectly. The vocals, ghostly like, haunt the snowy night, the echoes that are heard, help spread the word and the scent of Death.

A perfect mixture of Raw and Melody, Aggressiveness and Beauty. Come at your own risk… (DanielP)