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Hellehond – De Dood Nabij Rehearsal 2018 [Demo]

hellehond – de dood nabij rehearsal 2018 [demo]

“So…you are also reviewing a rehearsal which is on Bandcamp?”. Sure! It is all about promoting underground acts of which we think they deserve some extra attention and hopefully for you to check out. Hellehond from The Netherlands is a fairly new Old School Black Metal act with necrophiliacs who have their fair share of releases within (underground) Extreme Metal. If you are familiar with some Dutch Black Metal acts like Wederganger and Botulistum, you will probably know Botmuyl as he has given his rotten gift to mankind, his vocals, to these recordings as well. The other members have chosen Plechelmus, Kauw and Batraof as their pseudonyms, which all sounds like birds in the Dutch language (uyl, mus, kauw and raof), but only one is a real one as Kauw is a Jackdaw. The others…oh well fuck it, you’re not here for a simple lesson in the Dutch Language, you’re here for the music. Hellehond fulfils the need for those who are yearning for the good old days, the days of repeating riffs, primitive yet effective drums along with a roaring bass and the charming Necro sound. “Over de Kling” has that Samael’s “Worship Him”, along with Hellhammer, vibe present. So if you are a fan of Samael’s title track of that classic album, you should definitely hear this one. “Kardoes” contains that typical hypnotic repeating Burzum riff and atmosphere and there is some early Mayhem present as well. Looking forward to hear more from Hellehond as this sounds very promising. (Ricardo)