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Heaume Mortal – Solstices

heaume mortal – solstices

Heaume Mortal is project started by Guillaume Morlat, also known as Guillaume Taliercio, who is a French musician known for his work with Eibon, Colossus of Destiny and Cowards, all bands in the Sludge scene, but also participated in Glorior Belli as a live bass player during the “Meet Us at the Southern Sign” album.

And there you have it…the birth of Heaume Mortal; a Black Metal project with lots of Sludge elements in it. The dissonant Black Metal riffs of which the French scene is known for, is present a plenty as well as the slow, dragging yet heavy Sludge sound. Fun if you like both but it could be annoying if you don’t like one of them. They also gave Burzum’s “Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament / Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments” (of the “Filosofem” album) a twist of their own.

The difficulty of reviewing; hearing something you probably think “I think this will please a couple of people” but already know “I’m not one of them”, but if enjoy the French dissonant Black Metal scene and you enjoy a healthy dose of Sludge, who will stop you to give this one a listen. (Ricardo)