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Headhunter D.C. – …In Unholy Mourning…

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If there is one Old School Death Metal band from Brazil who deserves some praise for their determination, Headhunter D.C. will get a lot of votes in the poll. If you don’t know them, this is no Sarcofago or Sepultura “Morbid Vision” worship. Headhunter D.C. consists of Death Metal veterans who are able to combine the 1990s Death Metal with, occasionally, the staccato riffs of bands like Vader and uses variation within their songs. Fast riffs and drums are alternated with several dark atmospheric Doom parts like on the “Cursed be Thou” track. All in all a nice mix of some Possessed, old Sinister, Asphyx (the Death/Doom part) and after 25 years, Headhunter D.C.. The leads and the traditional “my throat is full of mucus”-vocals of Serge Borges give this album a nice edge as well. Sure, once again Headhunter D.C. didn’t release an album that will get noticed by the masses nor will it get them a big contract by one of the big labels, therefore the album is nothing more or less than solid. But I think the biggest achievements for themselves is: The Death Cult is still alive and kickin’! (Ricardo)