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Hatecrowned – Warpact in Black [EP]

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I dare to say this is the first time I hear extreme metal from the country of Lebanon. At least of what I’m aware of. Formed back in 2011 as a Black Metal project without live performances, it is now the main band of the current bandmembers. Although Hatecrowned has a drummer at this moment, during the recording of “Warpact in Black” a drum computer was used. The Black Metal presented on “Warpact in Black” is mostly fast-paced and repeating concerning riffs. Ofcourse some Middle Eastern influences in the music as well as the lyrics, can be heard as well. To vary within a song, Hatecrowned uses spoken passages, female vocals and the acoustic guitar. I can’t be really positive as well as negative about this EP, due the fact that the drum computer makes it all very clinical and decreases the quality. Hopefully next time when a drummer of flesh and blood will be heard on the recordings. (Ricardo)