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Haissem – Kuhaghan Tyyn

haissem – kuhaghan tyyn

The Ukrainian one-man-project Haissem belongs to a very special fringe group of dark and evil music, (very) melodic and progressive Black Metal. The production of this record is very clear and powerful which makes a lot of fun to listen. Every instrument is perfect audible.

The music has its root in the Swedish style and sometimes reminds me of Edge of Sanity. The bass guitar supports wonderful with its own melodies. Here and there are keyboards which vary between Dimmu Borgir and classic progressive Rock, just to spice everything up a little. Although the tracks have a solid length they never get boring. The vocals have a range from high pitched Black Metal screaming to deep clean singing and the switching between English and Ukrainian makes the songs even more interesting.

It is very pleasant to listen to this record and its huge amount of melodies. (Hacebo)