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Hagzissa – They Ride Along

hagzissa – they ride along

Crazy as Fuck cover! Total feedback Holocaust followed by Satan’s Black Rock and Fucking roll and then some. Definite Punk influences reminiscent of Ildjarn at times. Raw as falling off a motorcycle at 90 miles per hour, but to the underground maniac, everything can be heard loud and clear.

My point? This album kicks your fucking teeth in from start to finish. And…… they know how to write good songs, which is a plus. They are mysterious and monsterous and definitely worthy of your attention. Funny thing, this is in my top five albums of the year and I could go on forever about this album, but I’m not. This will probably be my shortest review ever. This is a masterpiece of underground Black Metal, with Rock and punk mixed in that will have your neck snapping. Total Fucking Support! (LOD666)