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Graveyard Ghoul – The Living Cemetery

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After the debut with the lovely title “Tomb of the Mouldered Corpses”, Graveyard Ghoul from Germany went on writing new filthy Old School Death Metal tunes. Result; their second album “The Living Cemetery” filled with track titles like “Scraping From a Coffin”, “Putrid Stench of Death” and “Rotten Gore Excrements Whore”. Graveyard Ghoul is playing everything in the old and obscure end 1980s, early 1990s US Death Metal vein (Autopsy, Death) and aren’t afraid to get close to the same sound of those days. Don’t expect any high class sound production here! Some 1980s demo-era Swedish Death Metal can be added to the putrid musical decomposing stew. They are influenced by old Horror Movies and well…it certainly sounds like that. Where a random nowadays-over-the-top-technical Death Metal band sounds like a new Rob Zombie remake of a classic horror flick, this new album of Graveyard Ghoul sounds like “The Blob” of 1958. You will not be surprised by the special FX anymore, but you still want to watch it ‘till the end with a little grin. And to be honest, nothing wrong with that! It Crawls! It Creeps! It Eats you Alive!(Ricardo)