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Gravesite – Neverending Trail of Skulls

gravesite – neverending trail of skulls

I’ve had moderate interest in Grevesite from the very beginning of their existence. Not because I thought the band would be the “next big thing”, but because of the fact that the band was mentioned right after Undead Creep called it a day, as 3 members of that band are involved in this one. I enjoyed the demo “Obsessed by the Macabre” and I have given the debut “Horrifying Nightmares…” a couple of spins, but I wasn’t convinced with the debut. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t stick either. Maybe the Horror Death Metal on “Neverending Trail of Skulls” is better…You will hear a bit of everything within the world of Death Metal on this album. Still Old School that is, but you go from a certain Doom/Death Autopsy start, to thrashy Death Metal riff picking to typical Carcass grinding passage. Throw in a kind of dueling howling guitar solos in the middle, go back to the Carcass grinding passage, end with the Doom/Death Autopsy again accompanied with some Pestilence/Nocturnus tones and you have a song called “Atrophied Organs”. In all tracks they put a lot of different musical ideas and riffs in one track, but all with a strong OSDM core still. So lots of variation on this album, but maybe too much variation for some. For the ones who likes variation in their brutal Old School Death Metal, it could be interesting for sure. (Ricardo)