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Gravesite – Horrifying Nightmares

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Gravesite is an Italian death metal band who has just released their debut album through Xtreem Music later last year 2015. After their demo “Obsessed by the Macabre” in 2014, now these guys come back with newer material encapsulated in 9 tunes and about 40 minutes of Swedish worship…yes…that’s probably the main problem I got here…this is a really good band with good musicians that instead of developing their own style and seal…conform themselves playing a style that clearly doesn’t belong to them. Don’t take me wrong, the album sounds really good in terms of production…with a balanced mixing and suffocating mastering…the Horrifying Nightmares accomplishes the standards for the genre…after all…that’s part of the Swedish trademark…right?. Now allow me highlighting something…among all the Swedish thing these guys want to manage…the guitar solos are the main element that I can say, have certain particularity…don’t know if it’s due to the sound texture or the solos themselves…at the end…when I was like “ok…cool Swedish riff…now what?..” appeared these solos and captured my attention!!!…also some short slow lead guitar passages gave me that feeling…so they got it, I KNOW THEY GOT IT…a good example would be the 5th song “The Painter of Agonies”…completely in other level my friends…crushing double blast patterns in mid-tempo and served with gurgling voices accompanied with more spicy “crunchy” riffs…and if that wouldn’t be enough…a little dessert in the form a kind of “heavy metal” guitar solo…really well played…clearly you can see, this was my favorite song off the whole album…So there you got it…for Swedish worshippers this should be a MUST OWN item…I think I’ll keep an eye to see what direction they take in the next album…meanwhile…I’ll keep listening my favorite song!!! (Master Butcher)