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Gravehill – Death Curse

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The debut of Gravehill, “Rise of the Pentagram” (2009), was quite well received, as it was a nice old school blends of 1980s Death, Thrash and Black Metal. In my humble opinion, the second album “When All Roads Lead to Hell” (2011) wasn’t as good as the debut, so curiosity was mine while hearing “Death Curse” for the first time. If you think Desaster and a band from the Australian scene (Gospel of the Horns or Deströyer 666…just to give you an idea) should do something together, maybe you should check out Gravehill from California first. And sure, you will find some Venom and Hellhammer/Celtic Frost attitude as well, to enhance the 1980s rawness, but I really think Gravehill will be a good touring-companion for Desaster. Only thing left to say is to mention the guest appearances of Autopsy’s Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler as well as Kam Lee. Nice album. (Ricardo)