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GraveCoven – Coughing Blood [EP]

gravecoven – coughing blood [ep]

GraveCoven is a duo from the USA of which both have experience in the scene due their involvement in bands like Gloriam Draconis, Evulse, Bog Oak and Swamp Witch. Also vocalist James R. is the owner of Transylvanian Tapes. Both seems to have a fetish to clear ones throat with sanguine fluid, as this is the 75% of their releases is called “Coughing Blood”. Fair enough, the first two demos were called “Coughing Blood” and “Coughing Blood 2” and the 4 songs of those released resulted in this EP.

Although Doom Metal is the core of GraveCoven, there are enough of hints of Black and Death Metal present to give it a more sombre atmosphere even. The atmosphere is enhanced by the combination of growls as well as the tortured Depressive Black Metal like vocals. But what else can you expect from a band that is influenced by Disembowelment, Leviathan, ColdWorld, Bölzer and Darkthrone. Growling and Howling Blackened Doom Metal, there you have it. (Ricardo)