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Grave Infestation – Infesticide [Demo]

grave infestation – infesticide [demo]

First self-released by the band and now to be re-released though Invictus Productions, Grave Infestation from Canada sound like the name is supposed to sound. Rotten, putrid, decay smelling Death Metal.

Rancid from top to bottom, with buzzsaw guitar and bass sound reminiscent of late 80s and early 90s, with a more than prominent Swedish touch. The production does the rest. This is pure face melting old school on every aspect Death Metal. Skank beats, D-Beats and groovy beats with relentless double bass drumming, howling chaos guitar soloing, and zombie like growls the way this should sound. Don’t seek for innovations here as this is a trip back to the beginnings when (Death)Metal was ugly, dangerous and full of dark atmosphere and rolling heads…yes, those of head banging metalheads.

So why buying? Sure not for the nostalgia factor only. They also can write some damn good riffs and songs. Some are heavy and brutal as fuck as well as catchy as hell. Some horror sounds at the beginning of most of the songs are great as I love this sort of things when done right and placed well. This is a killer demo If you like Autopsy, Swe-death, Repulsion and the likes. Tasty slime covered metal of death. Better than tons of other “old school” Death Metal I have listened the last few months…maybe even years with this sound. Enjoy! (DPF)