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Gråinheim – Aries [Demo]

gråinheim – aries [demo]

Gråinheim, the brainchild of the multi-instrumentalist Blodspan, who already earned his colours in various other German Black Metal bands (Schrat, Gestorben, Blutwald…) hails from Augsburg, Bavaria ( Bayern ), Germany and “Aries” is his first musical effort , which is a professional three track recording.

Let’s cut through all the bullshit right away. What Gråinheim offers, is up tempo Pagan ‘Norsk’ Black Metal with German lyrics and a hint of Teutonic grandeur. Solid music, fast drumming shifting seamlessly back and forth to blast beating, epic and cold but rather melodic riffing, Germanic demonic vocals that sound as a demon being thrown into a keg of Holy water. The ‘pagan’ edge are the prophetic ‘normal” vocals that appear in the songs “Aries”, “Nimbus” and “Terzerol”. It’s all there, folks and it all fits like clockwork…meticulously mixed together and bursting with black diabolical energy.

This is pure Deutsches Schwarzmetall of high quality and inspired by the Norse bands of the second wave of Black Metal. Taake springs to mind. Some German distros ecstatically advertise it as a mixture between Satans Elite Kommando and Satanic Warmaster. Needless to say, this new upcoming underground gem / band is going to make head waves. The tape itself is pro manufactured and as required in the underground – limited to a mere 100 copies.

Is there any drawback to this Gråinheim demo? Well…yes, only three brilliant songs (less than 20 minutes in playing time) are a bit like coïtus interruptus to me.

A very promising band or project, this Gråinheim. Check it out on YouTube and browse for German online webstores for this blackened beauty. (LV)