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Golem – Eternity: The Weeping Horizons / The 2nd Moon

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If you are considering to form a new band and name it Golem…well, don’t. There are already quite some bands with the same name, and this time I’m reviewing the re-releases of the German one. This Golem is been considered as one of the most underrated bands in Germany, with their Death Metal in the vein of Carcass. The album “Eternity: The Weeping Horizons” has been released in 1996 by Invasion Records, who had some surprisingly good albums in their catalogue. This album, their debut, has a huge Carcass vibe going on, especially the “Necrotiscm”-era. Song structures, riffs and the Jeff Walker-vocals…it all breaths Carcass. Or it this case “reeks”…I can’t imagine I will be the only reviewer who has written this obvious pun. The second album, “The 2nd Moon”, has been released in 1998 by Ars Metalli. A more clear production (first album was produced by Dan Swäno at Unisound), a bit more melodic and technical. But the Carcass-influence is still highly present, but shifted towards “Heartwork”. Although this compilation (2CD and 2LP, limited to 100 transparent green and 400 rotten black copies) of re-releases is not matching the Masters (…Carcass, in case if you have a problem with your short term of memory…) themselves, it certainly is a fun listen. (Ricardo)