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Goat Terror – Unholy March [Demo]

goat terror – unholy march [demo]

It is not quite common to come across a Black/Death metal band that has spawned from Belarus. Goat Terror is the terror generating act we are talking about. They were formed in 2018 by two anonymous members and have released only a three-song demo in the following year.

“Unholy March” would knock you out you with a barrage of devilish caveman riffs and destructive blastbeats. It is entirely embedded with hellish and charnel melodies that is absolutely bestial and compliments the band’s style. They have done an excellent job maintaining the abrasive atmosphere and decent production throughout the record. Goat Terror does not surpass any new level with this release, but that shall not make your audial experience lesser gratifying.

This demo definitely gets more enjoyable with each listen. Those have a penchant for Hellfire Deathcult, Lvcifyre, Impiety, Proclamation and alike should have a great time checking it out. (Osmani)