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Goat Invokation – La deformidad del primigenio caos

goat invokation – la deformidad del primigenio caos

Happy to take the time to write about Chilean Black “War”/Death metal duo, Goat Invokation & their EP “La Deformidad Del Primigenio Caos” (The Deformity of The Ancient Chaos). Using monikers Goat Destruktor (dr) & Goat Splatter and Blaspheming Tyrant’s Echoes (voc, gui), they contrive a nefarious, esoteric, boisterous tone which for the production, reflects sound akin to a NWN! Productions or Caligari Records release & surprised no label has caught wind of this primitive gem.

Contrast to previous 2020 demo “Dead Ancient Deities”, an organic yet unfinished quality to it, emphasizing bass overall drowning other portions, (including vocals) so this EP was progress, shifting focus on reverberating vocals, polishing up the drumming & guitar work, and bass being the last priority. Uncertain who the cover artist is, a mystifying vantage point of a beastly serpent/dragon creature with eye as the center, layering details in a sepia scheme.

Offers about 25 minutes of playing time, between six fairly timed cataclysmic tracks to absorb, ⅚ in Spanish, with “Slave Wills” as the lone English verse. Kudos for uploading ALL the lyrics on bandcamp to decipher & obtain perception of subjective themes ranging from destruction, mystical beings, and death ¡Muchas gracias señores! Starts with terse “Vórtice Abismal”(Abysmal Vortex), crackling audio from silent film era, strategically astute to generate the infernal, malevolent disposition abruptly cut off by bombinate riffs and those glottal, malignant vocals! “ Inveteradas Abominaciones” (Invented Abominations), spotlight on the oscillating cadence, fluctuating from beastly lows to bellowed shrills, with never ending hammering of drums to accompany it.

Although there’s some repetitive portions to observe, personal favorite “Valar De La Equidad”, starts in a leisurely intimidating tempo, building anticipating fear of what’s lurking behind you, upping speed and chaotic banging midway, rabid and malicious to execute you where you stand.

A great effort for war metal fans, or love for the goat & the occult! (Tori Belle)