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Gluttony – Beyond the Veil of Flesh

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Not only the fine gentlemen of Decomposed are from a town called Sundsvall, the rotten Deathbangers of Gluttony are having the city as habitat as well. But when you see the curriculum vitae of the members who are involved in Gluttony, one can easily assume they were “first”. Gluttony was once a solo-project of Anders Hären. But when years go by and he discussed it with his fellow members of My Own Grave, the solo-project transformed into an Old School Swedish Death Metal band and released the “Coffinborn” demo with Johan Jansson (Interment, Uncanny, Centinex and Demonical among others) on vocals. Two tracks of the demo was also released as an EP by Metal Fortress Entertainment, and all the demo-tracks (minus the “Paint it Black”-cover) are on this albums as well. Magnus Ödling (known as Infaustus of Setherial) replaced Jansson and Vic Records picked the band up and released their debut filled with lovely tunes about bowels and gore, all mixed by Dan Swäno. It’s obvious they have listened to Dismember and Entombed during the years, but like most of the nowadays Old School Swedish Death Metal bands, they leaning more towards Groove than the fast and brutal yet melodic riffs which are present on Dismember’s “Like an Everflowing Stream” or “Indecent & Obscene”. Let’s say it’s more Ribspreader than Dismember. Gluttony will not be the next big thing within the scene as it is not exciting enough to keep on hitting the replay button. But if the latest albums of Ribspreader, Tormented and Paganizer were enjoyable for you, “Beyond the Veil of Flesh” will be enjoyable as well. I know I enjoyed them. (Ricardo)