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Glemt – Eclipsing Through the Womb of Twilight and Dementia

glemt – eclipsing through the womb of twilight and dementia

Black Metal is living some of its best years ever. More and more top-notch releases, more and more good bands pop up every day, and we, the fans, are happy for that. Glemt is not a recent project, yet it is not an old one.

It started back in 2019, and it has been very productive in terms of music. It is understandable, I dare say. Orobas, the mastermind mind behind Glemt (and Mørktår), keeps pushing his vision of Black Metal, creating deeply dark atmospheres and haunting melodies. His atmospheres are one of his best features, without a doubt. The ability to construct a song that hypnotizes the listener into a dark, claustrophobic little space is outstanding.

The sound he achieves – not raw, not clean – sustains the music in that limbo… we are able to absorb every single instrument, and a song like “Eclipsing Through The Womb Of Twilight And Dementia” showcases the various facets of the artist, proof that Black Metal is such a vast and complex genre.

What to expect? Expect quality, and nothing else, but keep in mind that the artist does not record the same album more than once. You have been warned: Glemt has returned to haunt your dreams and challenge your limits. (DanielP)