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Gelkhammar – Cossyra [EP]

gelkhammar – cossyra [ep]

From Pantelleria, an island between beautiful Sicily and Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea, some Raw Black Metal has been made by two individuals with based on Pantelleria’s ancient history. It sounds like a 1990s rehearsal tape and musically all is improvised.

The ones who were tapetrading back in those days probably received a couple of demos and rehearsals that will have huge resemblances with “Cossyra”. It is less necro than Mayhem’s “Pure Fucking Armageddon” but definitely more raw than Gorgoroth’s “A Sorcery Written in Blood” to name a two demos from yore. For the ones who enjoy the combination raw underground Black Metal and rehearsal sound, feel free to check this one out, others should put their energy in other releases. (Ricardo)