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Garden of Grief – Endstation

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Boronian Sturmfels is the sole member of Austria based Garden of Grief. He’s a very active guy, releasing six full-lenght albums and a handful of splits since 2009. The 5th album is ‘Endstation’ and it contains a nice mixture of ambient/atmospheric – and furious black metal. There are eight songs on this album, but with an intro, outro + two instrumental, only four are actual songs. Those four songs together take 50 of the 63 minutes on this release. Garden of Grief easily competes with the well known bands in the German/Austrian scene, it’s really a shame this band remains in the underground. The lyrics on ‘Endstation’ discuss the horrors of the many concentration camps from World War II and Boronian Sturmfels clearly has a NSBM view on this matter. If you have a problem with NSBM, you can skip this band. Don’t expect lyrical highlights, they’re pretty cheesy, as most NSBM bands tend to have. Garden of Grief doesn’t really have their own style, but the also keep away from being copycats. The clean singing on ‘Genocide Cresendo’ is a nice addition, too bad it’s not used in other songs. The best song is ‘End of the Line’, which has some very long, hypnotizing riffs, again, this band should be on festivals across Europe. Garden of Grief is a no-brainer for fans of atmospheric black metal! Go buy this asap. (Marko)