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Gama Bomb – The Terror Tapes

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Gama Bomb from Newry – Northern Ireland has awaken from hibernation. After their last release in 2009 they not only managed to get a label deal with AFM Records instead of Earache Records, they also hit back with a new full length album titled “The Terror Tapes”. Twelve songs are recorded and when searching this band on the internet they mostly get referred to the thrash metal style…something I don’t totally agree with, because in my opinion, Gama Bomb is a real crossing between a band as Tankard and Municipal Waste. Yes, you read it right…a mix between speed thrash metal with a high humoristic edge to it and hyper crossover music. The voice from frontman Philly Byrne is special because he’s got an unique accent and vibe to it, and the coalition with the backing vocals from Joe McGuigan fits great. It sometimes tends towards a hardcore feeling, but it’s not that dominant. No song gets over the 4 minutes and a halve, so fast and short tracks are mostly on the tracklist. I mentioned before that humor is a big aspects in their lyrics, and also their track names give me a big smile… Listen for example to “Beverly Hills Robocop” and “Terrorscope” (with their magnificent guitar play of “Sabre Dance” – well known in Ballet society’s). Also neck breaking tracks are audible such as “Metal Idiot”, opener “The Wrong Stuff” and the fast “Legend of Speed”. Also I’ve got to mention the extreme short track (21 sec) “Shitting Yourself to Live” which is some kind of outsider. “The Terror Tapes” will be released on 19th April 2013, so when it’s released, you definitely got to give this one a try! (Fredde)