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Fvneral Fvkk – Carnal Confessions

fvneral fvkk – carnal confessions

Some band names are direct and only with seeing the name, we get a general idea how this artist is going to sound. Yet others can be a bit more creative and at the first glimpse, even deceiving. First coming across this band about two years ago, I hoped I’m not going to listen to another anti production blackened punk band barking at society. Thank whatever force is responsible for this band choosing this name which has turned out to be the definition of deceit.

Fvneral Fvkk turned out to be a side project of some of Germany’s veteran doom bands, most notably Ophis and Crimson Swan and Carnal Confessions is their debut full length. Before that, they have introduced themselves with an EP “Lecherous Liturgies” in 2017 and that EP became a part of split with Postmortal, Sorrowful Land and Luna, “Solitude Vaults: 13 Years of Doom” a year later. It has also introduced the main theme for the full length, which was set in symbiosis of religion and sex.

“Carnal Confessions” discusses the stories of sexual abuse in the Church, which immediately becomes obvious in the Intro, when the church choir singing gets interrupted by a woman crying out for help. The tone of the record is set with that one, even though it doesn’t involve any instruments. The record that follows can be divided into two halves. The first half is heavy, with almost bombastic kind of performance (the one you’d expect in doom – so there’s not a lot of fast moments. To an untrained ear it might even sound monotonous), where guitar riffs and the vocals with occasional abrasive moments are most up front. In the second half the slow tempo becomes even slower with sweeping guitars and sorrowful vocals driven by bass.

Definitely NOT what you’d call a catchy record, since it demands several listening sessions, before all the beauty of it can be revealed. Songs are carefully and precisely structured, they give out a dark and sinister feeling strengthened by clerical layering, every instrument is incredibly well crafted and distinguishable and all of it is ‘spiced’ up with a clean baritone. If you are a fan of the darkest sides of the doom territory, you don’t want to miss this one.  (Black Mary)