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Funereality – Bloodsucking Freak

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Autopsy you say? Who would have thought?!? “Bloodsucking Freak” is a compilation of the first two demos of Funereality, “Funeral for a Fuck” and “Leeches”. All these tracks were also released with the “Leeches” demo on cassette by Death Invocation Records, this time Horror Pain Gore Death Productions releases it as a digital album. Gusten “Joachim” Andlös describes his own one-man band as a total Autopsy worship, and frankly that’s all it really is. Total Autopsy worship as it as raw and primitive as Chris Reifert intended to. This will get you back towards the end of the 1980s when nobody heard of smooth produced albums and übertechnical freakish Death Metal. Not every track is a good one, but I hope I will hear more sickened tracks like “Master of the Foul Arts” in the future from Funereality. At the end you get a Poison Idea cover, which seems to be a 1980s Punk Rock track. So if you are into Autopsy, Murder Squad and the likes, give Funereality a try after you have listened to “Severed Survival”. (Ricardo)