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Funeralium – Of Throes and Blight

funeralium – of throes and blight

When you read this album has 4 tracks, but has been released on 2 CDs and 2 cassettes, one can call off all emergency lines for the last 1 million doubloons trivia question “Is Funeralium influenced by Impetigo’s “Dis-Organ-Ized”?”. This jolly life-hating bunch from France, which beholds 2 members of Ataraxie, are playing the style like their first demo is titled: “Ultra Sick Doom”. The Funeral Doom Metal is ultra heavy and the vocals are in despair and screaming for a final solution. Most Funeral Doom bands I know are aiming for the darkness, Funeralium does it too but adding a kind of “last moments of a suicidal madman” ambiance to it, thanks to the vocals and some eerie passages. The album ends with the 33 minutes track “Vanishing Once and for All”, and when you hear the vocals, you almost believe he is not kidding about it. Chilling and disturbing, must hear if you consider Funeral Doom as your main working field. (Ricardo)