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Funeral Harvest – Redemptio

funeral harvest – redemptio

Enshrouding Europe from Trondheim, Norway all the way to Italy in Satanic majesty and incomparable darkness, Funeral Harvest have come to reap your souls for the Dark Lord through the bleak power of their ferocious debut album, entitled ‘Redemptio’. Released via Signal Rex on all formats, ‘Redemptio’ features nine songs of mind bendingly evil Luciferian carnage, spelled out in Latin and forging ahead violently through the nocturnal fog!

Opened by the chanted Latin and haunting synth tones of intro track ‘Opus Cælestis’, (The work of Heaven) the album then expands into harrowing territories, rife with deathly growls and shrieks from the abyss, maniacal chanted entreaties and deviant decrees. ‘Principum et Finis’ (The beginning and the end) sees Funeral Harvest at their most punishing best, with thundering drum tones and bass notes creating a fast paced cacophony in which swirl the bands anti-religious rhetoric, as well as intense guitar leads wielded like weapons and cast forth to ensnare and beguile. Speaking of beguiling, ‘Soli Ego Gloria’ (I am alone in glory) has the honeyed sounds of temptation itself as subtle enticing words are almost whispered smoothly into your ears, before the contrasting brutality of ‘Womb of Snakes’, followed even more savagely by ‘The Crimson Night Tide’, get the album back upon its bombastic journey.

‘Redemptio’ is a snarling, feral beast of an album, yet laced with symphonic elements as well as intensive melodies. As well as that, this is a well crafted, if slightly belligerent offering that even in rare moments of calm and clarity loses nothing of its simmering rage. (Luke Hayhurst)