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Funeral Chant [USA] – Funeral Chant

funeral chant [usa] – funeral chant

Abhorent and putrid Black/Death Metal…how many releases are there nowadays? And how the hell to they all know my address? Funeral Chant from the USA, as there are more on the globe who chant at a funeral…blame Mortuary Drape for that, are having no trouble to smother your inner self with some fine rotten extreme metal with the right amount of fuzziness in the sound.

It is like Treblinka and Tiamat’s “Sumerian Cry” hooked up with Repugnant and said to each other “oi…that dirty old sound of Necrovore, how about that?”, while listening to Celtic Frost on side A and Autopsy on side B on their huge Sony Walkmans. And talkin’ about Repugnant, there is a fine cover of “Morbid Ways” on this one. With releases like this one, it doesn’t matter how many there are released nowadays. These chants can wake the dead…. (Ricardo)