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Funeral – Catacumbas

funeral – catacumbas

“Black Extreme Metal from the cold and dark catacombs of Chile”. Sometimes a statement on the inlay of a cassette just sells the music as it is as the Black Metal is cold, dark, old, primitive and chilling, something fits both a Funeral or a Catacomb.

Although originating from Chile, the foundation of this pristine Black art is quite the Scandinavian way, with mostly old Mayhem and Darkthrone (not “Soulside Journey” of course) in mind but old Bathory can be heard as well in the opening track “(Templo De Las Sombras) Catacumbas”. Or even Beherit during “Caos Miedo Y Autodestruccion”…ah fuck it…throw in some Sarcófago as well.

Of course Funeral doesn’t bring any cutting-edge material with “Catacumbas”, but if you’re not interested in something innovative and enjoying the early 90’s the most, see if you can score the cassette or the 12” version. (Ricardo)