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Foul Body Autopsy – The Unquiet Dead [EP]

foul body autopsy – the unquiet dead [ep]

Foul Body Autopsy is the one-man Death Metal machine of Tom Reynolds from Leicester, England. Named after a Necrophagist song, Foul Body Autopsy have been pumping out forward thinking creative death metal since 2010 with two full lengths and a handful of EPs.

“The Unquiet Dead” is the latest EP featuring 3 new songs. Coming in at just under 10 minutes, the three tracks are a mash-up of melodic Death Metal and Thrash riffs, I got the feeling of a cross between Revocation and At The Gates. For only being a three song EP, there is a surprising amount of complexity and melody packed into the guitar playing, which really takes the drivers seat and becomes the focal point of the songs. However, the guitar tone in my opinion is a bit thin and weak sounding, I got a bit more of a early 00’s metalcore feeling from it than a Death Metal one, I personally think that the guitars needed a bit more of a crunch to them. Vocally, the songs on this EP are a lot more cleaner and crisp than on the bands previous releases and Tom’s voice cuts through the instruments very well.

Overall the entire sound seems to be a bit quieter than the usual output offered by Foul Body Autopsy, this is not to say that it’s a bad thing, it’s just different. There is definitely a high level of competent and creative playing on display here, I just find the guitar tone (for me) took away from the enjoyment of the EP. Maybe I am wrong, who knows, you should still check it out and definitely dig into the bands back catalogue if you are a first time listener. (Ted Gloom)