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Forgotten Tomb – Nihilistic Estrangement

forgotten tomb – nihilistic estrangement

With their 10th releases, Forgotten Tomb returns to the plateau of everything dark & depressive. Breaking down 40 minutes playtime into 6 tracks, that would be considered a subtle length for Forgotten Tomb standard of melankolia expressionism. So, what has being prepared for serving on the platter this time around?

“Nihilistic Estrangement” does venture a little bit further on the musical spectre incorporating far-flung elements from the standards of Black Metal like hillbilly or even a slight touch of indie rock. Not that this mixture of foreign elemental value were never touched by any Black Metal bands, I mean bands like Glorior Belli or even Taake had already ventured with these experimentation, but with the expansion of Forgotten Tomb sound design from album to album, “Nihilistic Estrangement” went beyond the boundaries of depressive rock vibes on previous stellar albums, “We Owe You Nothing” and “Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love”.

When I mentioned the indie rock lineage, it’s not about the presence of certain riffs or beats, but more towards the essence. It’s the expressionism of shear and naked rawness that transpire throughout the whole compositions. It enhanced the atmospheric dynamics, given the lyrical approach are more akin of a straight-forward and blatant content of modern day life-centric elementals. It somehow reminded me a lil’ bit of a punk vibes, that blatantly straight-forward naked truth. No fuss, no artsy fartsy pseudo-intellectualism, just a direct active shooter!

But doubt not, they left a little present on the last track “RBMK”, having a reminiscence of the fast tremolo picking Black Metal they used to do splendidly in the past. This would not be an instant random-favourite to anyone that had grown accustomed to what they had did previously, but given a little bit of a perpetual time play, this is definitely a grower. (JvH)