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Fluids – Not Dark Yet

fluids – not dark yet

Disregard this review if you’re not a fan of Mortician-esque bands, or too “cool” to accept a drum machine. Phoenix based trio, Fluids, have undergone lineup change since “Ignorance Exalted”, initiating Brennen Westermeyer of Thorn to take over vocal duties.

With a split released earlier this year, anxiously awaited 3rd LP, “Not Dark Yet” shows a wonderfully driven progression taken with this shift. Moving past singular song titles & adding ten minutes of material, they continue with grizzly snuff samples, nebulous bass tones, & abysmal auditory soundscape. Cover art is less colorful yet still an appalling use of mutilated & mangled forms shaping into a trashlike pile, with another truckfull coming to drop a load into this repulsive cesspit.

Ten tunes contributed for this nearly 40 minute full length, featuring an indulgent doomy eight minute troglodyte treaded closer “Humanity Reviled”. Intro “Genesis Spoiled”, establishes mood by entering unsettling sample of a teen committing suicide, fondness of seeing his own blood coming out, recording “proud” last moments. With Fluids, these samples are guilty pleasures that leave us simultaneously grossed out but intrigued, wondering what reddit thread(s) this is on!

Westermeyer’s beastly bellows are bottomless, abhorrent, & conforms with their skillfully demented format that’s better with each album release. Guest feature on track “Empathy Shed” by Fat Tub Of Lard Records owner & multi faceted musician, Larry Wang, active in Coprocephalic, Gorepot, & Facelift Deformation, is a gracious bonus to recognize. A couple of tremulously succinct velocious favorites are “Dignity Swindled” & “Trust Bargained.”

Aside from the mentioned closer, one other lengthy ideal tune to mention is “Life Spent”; aside from the foreign audio sample, admire the way Walter Hale organizes the trance like synths that come in close to two minute point before vocals strike and programming abruptly comes in full assault, it’s compulsively gripping. (Tori Belle)