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Fleshcrawl – Into the Catacombs of Flesh

fleshcrawl – into the catacombs of flesh

Well, I was going to start this one with the usual history lesson about the band, you know, all that shit, and then I discovered that Ricardo has covered all of that in a review of their last effort, “Festering Thoughts from a Grave”, a split they did with Suffocation, and then it all goes pear shaped because Fleshcrawl also used to go by the name of Suffocation, so I just banged my head against the table once or thrice and said ‘Fuck it, go read the old review or find out for yourselves because my head hurts now and I am going to drink beer until it stops hurting or I pass out and forget this confused state that I am now currently experiencing..’

And yes, after a few strong ale’s I decided to give you the basics. From Bavaria, Death Metal, definitely some HM-2 pedals having the living bejesus choked out of them, are good, and can play like a bunch of angry Baboon’s at an Antelope’s wedding when the snacks don’t arrive on time. Yes this is meaty, fleshy, and fucking oh so good. Right from opener, and title track “Into the Catacombs of Flesh”, you are going to get pretty much exactly what you want as far as full on, in your face and right up your alley quality Death Metal with plenty of insanely good drumming, guitar solos bordering on sheer class, vocals spewed from the darkest corners of the hate spectrum and bass work like an anchor in these oh so rough seas goes.

Track the second “Mass Obliteration” brings some D-Beat crazy along with a massive shift in pace, a real smack to the face with a huge dose of attitude, then “Ossuary Rituals” gives us all what we love as fans of Death Metal what we want to hear, stuff about the undead of course! “Funeral Storm” is not in fact about a bad weather system that rains coffins, it’s again about our beloved ones rising from the dead, and is another huge fucking slap in the face with a bony gauntlet full of Punkish disrespect to the living! “Grave Monger” is not at all about your local monger of fish or fresh fruit, but of course again about dead fuckers, or those that seek them for their own twisted reasons (fancy that), but brings a more measured and chunky approach to the table.

On to my favourite, “Chained Impalement”. Now THIS is one nasty peice of work, and when you hear lines like “Burn, you fucking CUNT, Suffer, you fucking CUNT, Die, you fucking CUNT,” you know you aren’t in kansas anymore don’t you Dorothy. Them shoes of yours are only gonna be filled with blood, guts, and your own urine, and this makes me smile. Not for the use of language, but for the sheer vicious nature and driving force that this song delivers.

I have fallen into my usual trap again, and that’s being sucked into every single musical passage on this one.. “Law of Retaliation” finds our fleshy friends here at their most Bolt Throwerish moment, and is fantastic just for that. Rolling drum and tone take you on a journey of revenge that is most satisfying, “Obliteration Bizarre” brings back the sheer flat out nature that Fleshcrawl seems to lay down at will just to keep you on your toes. “Of Frozen Bloody Grounds” asks you the question of just who is chosen to live and die on the battlefield. “Suffer the Dead” heads back into familiar territory about life after death, although it may be unholy life, let us not forget that ALL life is sacred, even if it has been to hell and back and wants to tear you a new arsehole..

Closer “Among Death and Desolation” is a kindly reminder that, at the end of the day, you are going to die alone, you are cannon fodder, and is also another reminder of just how down and fucking heavy Fleshcrawl can get on this release. As stated, this is meaty fleshy goodness. This is what us Pie and Sausage connoisseurs want from our products of choice. All flesh, no filler. That’s a big yes from me. (The Great Mackintosh)