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Flame – Ignis Spiritus [EP]

flame – ignis spiritus [ep]

Finnish Black/Thrash Metal released by Primitive Reaction, the label who doesn’t have a crowded release schedule, but definitely impressed me with quality releases of Necrom and Precambrian.

Within the unholy duo of Flame you will find acts like Urn, Barathrum, Purtenance and Adorior on their résumé, but Flame was a consistent factor throughout both their careers in Extreme Metal as Flame awakened back in 1998. You don’t have to expect anything fancy or with a nowadays sound…howling guitars, thrashy riffs, dark leads, raspy vocals and a harsh sound, everything a fan of Nifelheim, Deströyer 666 or anything in the old school hellish and primitive Black/Thrash vein will enjoy.

Thanks to the pace variation within the songs, from epic parts to pounding up-tempo ones, the EP is an interesting one from the beginning till the end. (Ricardo)