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Fjelltrone – Skogens ande

fjelltrone – skogens ande

After reading the enclosed infosheet i got quite interested in hearing this band, well band?.. Fjelltrone consists out of only 1 member who works under the name “lord Fjelltrone”. Lord Fjelltrone hails from the south of sweden and released this debut album last year through a small label called Dark End Records. To be honest i was expecting to hear some kind of folk-atmospheric-pagan metal band but it seems i was completly wrong. Fjelltrone’s music can best be described as dark, ambient and extremely atmospheric. No vocals or guitars were used on this recording and in my view this is a loss. Some spoken words or lyrics would make this album even darker and more atmospheric. Never the less this is sure something worthy to check out if you are into newer Burzum or Mortiis stuff. It’s not good as those bands yet but it sure has potential to grow. And let us hope that mr. Fjelltrone uses his voice the nest time to create an even bigger atmosphere. (KasperR)